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Welcome to Text Ad Dreams

Friday, January 23, 2009
To:All Marketers Looking for Active, Responsive Advertising
From: The Desk of Dave Mosher

Text Ad Exchanges remain one of the most effective marketing/advertising tools on the internet today with a very high responsive rate. Like any other advertising medium, the industry becomes over saturated with new sites all the time. Each owner must become more innovative, more unique and evolve with the industry and market. With Text Ad Dreams we have done just that!

We offer you many forms of advertising to help you build and grow your affiliate programs and businesses. We will continue to evolve with the industry and we can guarantee you that long after most of the industry has shut down and closed it's doors we will still be here!

Its all you could possibly dream of in a Text Ad Exchange.

You Will Come and You May Just... Never Want to Leave!


Check Out the Unique Features of Text Ad Dreams

3 Membership Levels to Choose From- Compare Memberships
Unique Extra Advertising Options-
Navigation Toppers, Solo Footer Ads & Paid to Click Ads
Master Network Ads- Master Ads are sent to 34 sites with a combined list of over 37,000 members.
Super Solo Ads- Super Solo Ads are sent to 13 sites with a combined list of over 13,000 members.
Super In-Box Ads- Super In-Box Ads are sent to 25 sites with a combined list of over 30,000 members.
PowerSolo Plus Ads- Power Solo Ads are sent to 44 sites with a combined list of over 26,000 members.
Power Traffic Links- Power Traffic Links are sent to 24 sites with a combined list of over 16,000 members and are guaranteed hits
Random Referrals- Exclusive to JV Membership
Email Referrals 10 Levels Deep w/Credit Link for Viewing- Exclusive to Pro and JV Memberships.
Trade Points for ALL Advertising- JV members have the option to purchase using their points, every type of advertising we offer including super solo ads, footer ads and even YES the special offer.
Navigation Links Last 10 Days Instead of 7
Solo Ad Timer Lasts 12 Seconds instead of 10
Featured Active Member Rewards
Exclusive Promo Codes-
We have teamed up with 52 other sites to bring you exclusive promo codes for advertising.
Hotlinks- With Full Stats and Earned Points for Clicking
Weekly Draw- With Money and Points Pool Accumulating from site sales and sites earned points. Two Prizes to be Won Each Week!
Admin Credit Mailer- Read admin mails and earn credits every single time!
Browse Master, Super, Solo Ads and More- Members Now Have the Option to View Ads Sent On Site. Never Miss a Solo Again!
Transfer Points or Solo Ads to Other Members- Strengthen your relationship with your downline with our advanced feature that allows you to transfer points or solo ads to your downline or even other members!
And Much Much More!

Other Key Features of Text Ad Dreams

Earn Residual Income on Referral Purchases w/Email Notification-
Members can earn up to 40% commissions every time one of their referrals purchases advertising and receive an email every time any referral makes a purchase!
Earn Residual Traffic Every time a referral earns points or logs into their Text Ad Dreams account, their referrer earns points or a percentage of those earnings.
Surf & Read Rewards Active members are rewarded daily for their activity, even cash commissions.
Pay or Trade Upgrading-
Free members can earn points to upgrade their account to Pro membership. NOTE: Not valid for JV membership.
Login Ads
Post Your Ads in Text or Html Format
And Much More!
Member Testimonials!

"I had a sales on my primary business 4 minutes after I joined Text Ad Dreams!! Awesome Program!

My website Brad Webb's T-E-E ranks how effective List Builders are and publishes that information. Your site, especially with your SuperSolo Ads, has one of the highest "email open rates" of any other List Builder I've seen out there! Awesome work ladies!!"

Brad Webb

"Thank you Text Ad Dreams! 8 signups from your site and 3 signups to your site within the first 24 hours."

Success to All,
Spinning Matrix

"I thought that I would tell you what a great job you guys did with the site!
I even joined the site and upgraded to JV!
It's awesome!
Take Care!"

Chris Davis

"I absolutely love Text Ad Dreams!
I am a JV member and I am amazed at all the benefits of upgrading.

Thank-you for a Great Site!"


"Hello girls :-)
I just like to let you know that the members are very good readers! The click rate is fantastic and I got several sign ups for my new text ad exchange site.

I submitted an ad on Saturday, it was sent on Monday, to 1032 members. So far there are 167 hits/147 unique, 6 sign ups!

Keep up the good work!"

Rena- directmarketing


It really shows that you put a lot of thought and a bit of soul to this site :) It really differs from other Ad Exchanges. I've tried some and so far yours is way better with all those pools, activity awards and all. It really makes you want to participate ))

Oh and i just love points transfer system :) Hope that will help me to bring new members under me and thank them for joining this way. This is really cool option, never came across with it at other AdExchanges)

All in all, keep on rocking!


All Members Receive Monthly Ad Packs!
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1 Super Solo Ad
5 Solo Ad
5 Banners w/1000 Impressions
5 Traffic Links w/50 Views
5 Hotlinks w/2500 Views


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Effective March 20, 2009

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